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Account Safety Is A Priority.

Rest Easy

Bit Traidr Does Not Store Any User Data, Exchange Keys Stay Exclusively On User Devices.

Bit Triadr trades from your computer. We don't use external servers to store information.

Bit Traidr Analyzes The Market And Trades For You.

Current Exchanges Supported:

5 Minute Set Up.

Super Quick 3 Step Set Up.

Enter your exchange keys (Coinbase or

Connect to your account.

Enter Key. (Free)

Aftermath uses this for sentiment analysis.

Enter coin market cap API key. (Free)

Aftermath uses current data from

How The Aftermath Market Analysis Works.

Aftermath Uses 8 Market Indicators.

  • Historic Price % Pattern

    Each hourly price is compared to the previous 24 hours and 7 day price.

  • Recent Market Cap, Volume and Price Comparative Analysis.

    Curent trends in market cap and volume are compared with rising or dropping prices.

  • Order Book Bids Vs. Asks

    Buy orders Vs. sell orders

  • Fear & Greed Index

    A macro indicator of market sentiment.

  • News Headline Sentiment.

    Positive Vs Negative sentiment.

  • Moving Average

    7 and 25 day rolling average.

  • Stochastic Oscillator Analysis.

    Tracks current momentum.

  • Price Waterfall Analysis.

    3-day analysis where closing prices are each less than the previous day.

1. If Bullish, trading proceeds.

2. If Bearish or Neutral, Bit Traidr pauses for 30 minutes until the next market analysis.